Wednesday, April 9, 2008


There just is not enough hours in the day to get things done.. I have soooo many things and projects going on in my head but there just isn't enough time to get them done... I have had only 1 day of ab pain in the last 5 days... for most of you that know me, understand that is a great thing!!! I have been working on my website for 2 months now.. and I am sooo frustrated with it!! I just can't get it done the right way or I want to change something... ugh!! Soccer season just ended.. now I have to plan the party... then plan soccer camp... I think I just need to get away without any kids... we are going to Houston for Stephen's best friend Justin's wedding in May (without the boys) so that should be interesting how that all works out. We went to the races on Sunday and that was without the kids but we have two other "special people" that went with us so we weren't alone... we need some alone time!

I am having trouble understanding the layers in ADOBE ELEMENTS... if anyone is a genuis at this please HELP ME! Guess I need to get back to Grad Annocements... How was your weekend ?? Tell me about it!