Friday, February 27, 2009

New notecard...

Ok, here is one of my new notecards.. need feedback!! this is the front of the card.. please share what you would add or change.. or fonts if you have a really good one..

Thursday, February 26, 2009


This weekend would have been granny's birthday. Going to be a hard Saturday for us. We celebrate her life don't get me wrong but this is the 1st bday without her and that is just hard. My good friend KK just lost her BF to a car accident days before her bday, so I am just emotional.

I was back in the hospital, this time b/c of back. I think I am going to ask if I qualify for the tens uni
t. So I need to make a call and schedule dr. appt for that. So tired of pain, dr. appts, and hospitals. Ya know..

I have made some stationery notecards, need to post them so ppl can see them. I just wonder If I need to put a watermark on them before I post in case of someone copying them.. any thoughts?

Chase turned 11 this month too. They are growing up fast. Chris will be 13 this year, I just feel old enough to have a teen yet, hahah.. he is getting so into girls.. the daily stories are amusing. I am very close to my boys, so they share with me all the talk that is going around.. funny..

Hey, do any of you take ambien for sleep? I do, and I apparently made a call to someone while on it and found out the next day. No recollection of it either.. wondering if y'all have stories... lol..

trying to g
et back to normallcy if there is such a thing..


Sunday, February 8, 2009

our weekend

This weekend was good... cleaned ... hung out with family.. then today we got to see 2 of our very close friends from Houston. They came up to Plano, because of one of Steph's dear friends hubby has cancer and he had surgery.. we are glad to report that the surgery went GREAT..and the docs think he will be fine. Thank goodness. I wouldn't know what to think if my hubby had cancer. We pray that he is safe and out of the woods now.. It was great to see Steph and Justin... we have made plans to go tubing down the guadaloupe with them this summer and the boys.. That should be a memorable trip.. most of you know that we are all 5 redheads so uhm, we need to stock up on the SPF 70 for this trip.. lol... Well I hope to work on some brushes for Vday cards and play around and get something finished this week...

Hope you all have a great week!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Take this cool quiz!

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Self-Knowing Extroverted Romantic

Thanks Jen! I did it!!

kim main  png signature

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Windows Live Writer test

I have this up and I am writing.. but I want to add a cool

signature..who can help me?

My ears were burning tonight...

So I went with my gut and check my friends blogs.. and I was right.. please go check out Jen's blog.. I love this girl!! She is ALWAYS there for me.. and has truly inspired me so much!

a lot of times I am out of pocket some would say.. I should update y'all on what's going on with me..

I have chronic abdominal pain, and lumbar back pain.. We are not sure if it is from a wreck I had in 2000 or if from the 3 major surgeries that I have had done since my youngest was born in mid 2000. I have had my large intestine removed and FULL hysterectomy at the age of 22. 2 yrs later my small bowel obstructed. So we don't know if some of this pain is from the scar tissue, or nerves that are being rubbed against, then I have been told that I have fibromyalgia and IBS ...
so the past year I found a pain doctor that truly listens to me and I have had back injections once a month this past year, with my latest one this past Tuesday. I have found that a few days after that I am a little just tired and sore, therefore no one hears from me...

However I do want people to know that I am still wanting to get my business off the ground. I did download some paintbrushes for Photoshop 7 that I am trying to understand how come for everyone else you just place the swirl that you want on the card and press enter and it stays, but for me it just moves with my mouse. I am trying to get my website together.. I did hear about a site this morning from WFAA, in dallas, that they found a website that helps you to make your website. I have a domain that I have had for a year but I am someone who can not understand all the html garb so I thought that I would have someone create it for that is where that is..

Now that I have taken up 5 mins that you won't get back, thank you for still checking on me. I love y'all. Now I am going to check out what Jen was talking about Windows Live Writer..

Night y'all