Sunday, February 8, 2009

our weekend

This weekend was good... cleaned ... hung out with family.. then today we got to see 2 of our very close friends from Houston. They came up to Plano, because of one of Steph's dear friends hubby has cancer and he had surgery.. we are glad to report that the surgery went GREAT..and the docs think he will be fine. Thank goodness. I wouldn't know what to think if my hubby had cancer. We pray that he is safe and out of the woods now.. It was great to see Steph and Justin... we have made plans to go tubing down the guadaloupe with them this summer and the boys.. That should be a memorable trip.. most of you know that we are all 5 redheads so uhm, we need to stock up on the SPF 70 for this trip.. lol... Well I hope to work on some brushes for Vday cards and play around and get something finished this week...

Hope you all have a great week!

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