Thursday, April 30, 2009

remember these fights

Most of you know that I have three boys..well tonight they were at it.. you know the fights where it is well you are weak, no you are.. you are so weak because you can't handle the pain of the basketball goal landing in your foot, yes you read that right the basketball goal fell on Boy2 and Boy1 is like I could walk after that.. You know at that point I am like yea whatever... Boy1 couldn't run in soccer anymore because his heel hurt (that I have had checked out and nothing is wrong with it)is saying he could just get up and walkaway if the BB goal fell on his foot.. ugh! So the arguing began..

Tomorrow will be another day.. a better

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

certain people

Do you have someone that you have met maybe just a few times or maybe just once and you just don't like them.. I have one that I know, barely but I mean I DON'T like her.. just the first vibe I got from them was bad and let me tell you now that vibe is BAD... I can't stand her..

do you know someone like this??

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Depression at work

I saw this article on Depression at work, and thought "is this really happening"? I had a job where I was miserable, so was that Depression at work? I can see how it would have been, boy I was really in a low place at the time.. you know the job where you dread going in.. you dread seeing those that ridicule you for ANYTHING...

Well now i
n the workplace, it is competition EVERYTHING.. someone is always trying "one up" you. So I researched to see how bad is this? Did you know that depression accounts for close to $12 billion in lost work days each year? Uhm, just a thought but wouldn't that money help the economy? $12 billion!! Makes me think that people are more mean and fake then we realized..what about those people that become friends with their co-workers and go out with them outside of work.. are those the people that are fake.. is it your team member that sits right across from you?? I am glad that I am not in the corporate world anymore however just being a WAHM is competition enough. There is always someone else with your same idea for work, someone better at the same thing you are trying everything to get better at.. but I learned that I make the decision of going to be depressed about it or I am going to do something about it.. so here is the ?, if you are "stuck" with the job that you have today, are you going to let yourself be depressed over it or are you going to do something about it and be nice/cheerful about it? Don't you think that the person that is remembered for being nice/helpful/cheerful will get the promotion before the "cut-throat" person does??

Your thoughts?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Boy Scouts

I never went camping as a child, I never joined Girl Scouts. So my view on this is totally my own, but I am interested in hearing yours....

He goes to the meetings every week, he was patrol leader his second month in the troop, he has made soo many new friends and he really likes the closeness with the bond he has formed (more than he will admit) He has being camping one a month for close to a year .. and even though when packing he sometimes is soo tired and doesn't want to go, but when he returns he is telling us stories about things that happen all weekend. I love that he comes home happy from the trips and that h
e has usually met one more person and made one more friend. He loves to help the new troopers that are brand new to all this, and I think that is awesome !!!

I am happy to say "he" is my son. I am truly blessed to have Chris in my life and to be called his mom ... love you son, mom....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bucket List

Have you seen the movie The Bucket List? If you did see it, did it inspire you to create your own Bucket List? I did.. well I started one.. I want to visit places, I want to learn things... there are many things on my list.. some which I have completed..I have a friend that has an extravagent list of places to go see and things to .. won't be me doing anything extravagent like that... I try to just keep mine to places and things I know I will be able to achieve ...

So that leads today post, do you have a bucket list and will you share with us the things you have listed?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Kid passed nurse eye test but really has bad vision?

Ok, so I need to know if this has happened to? Don't need to know just want to know that I am not the only one... so My oldest boy is in the 6th grade,and HAS NEVER failed one of those eye test at the nurses office. However, we took him to the dr. bc he scratched his eye, so they do the test.. and yep.. just what you are thinking he failed... BIG TIME.. not just a lil but we are talking majorly noticeable.. so what's up with that? I have even asked the nursed he would ya mind checking the Oldest boy, he mentioned he is having trouble seeing.. just curious if he fails the test.. and each time I got he passed with flying colors, so did she never do the test or did he really pass? I feel like such bad parent now knowing how bad his did on the eye test... so have you ever heard your child passed the test and now he totally has eye problems, probably did the entire time?? What are you thoughts? Have you or someone you know had perfect vision then just out of the blue say a few months and your vision totally changed?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Have you let yourself go since having children?

Since you have had children are you running around in sweats most of the time .. you know the mom that doesn't do her hair but once every 3 days and wears comfortable clothing instead of trying to look good for your husband? Then wonder where has your marriage gone? Why aren't we having sex? Or your so tired all the time you just don't have sex anymore? I was reading an article and it was explaining that something like 80% of us moms have and are not noticing we have done it. I at one point was like that but realized that I wouldn't want my husband to be like that. How attractive would that be? Where would I our relationship go if we stopped having sex?

Have you let yourself go? Do you have the support you need to get back to the old hot you? Do you need some support from mom's that have been there? What are your thoughts?

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Did you the sex show the other day? The one where they are telling me that it is ok to give a teen a vibrator.. AKWARD! I can't imagine coming home and giving that to a teen... I am curious what you think? Do you think her show guests were right? I have three boys that know about sex but should I really go into more details? I mean seriously, need some input here!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Recycled Projects for kids

Recyclable projects for kids, there are tons of different projects.. some are soo cute!

Cool COST-SAVING teacher appreciation gifts


Simple way to be GREEN

Simple way to be GREEN when doing wedding invitations, do not use tissues. Most large stationery stores do not use tissue anymore as another way to be green. Tissues used to be used as a way to make sure the ink didn't smear in between announcements, however ink today doesn't smear. Therefore, leading to no need for tissue... BE GREEN!

Buy Graduation announcements and get 25 free RAL

Are you interested in getting 25 Free Return Address Labels? With the purchase of Graduation announcements you will get 25 Free Return Address Labels? If you are interested in saving some $$ please let me know..

Swoozie's and Word Art

Ever been to Swoozie's? It is a fun girly store! You have to visit one close to you, or online at soon! I have been working on some templates I bought... some have word art.. that is a cool tool! Here is one to enjoy. Have a great weekened!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

here are some more samples

Here are some moving magnets, RAL and twin note cards... enjoy.. I think they are so cute!!

wedding announcements and Graduation announcements

I had a few cards to share with you to give you an idea I can offer with my are a few wedding announcements and a few graduation announcements... I can get you sameples of anything else you would like to see..