Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Depression at work

I saw this article on Depression at work, and thought "is this really happening"? I had a job where I was miserable, so was that Depression at work? I can see how it would have been, boy I was really in a low place at the time.. you know the job where you dread going in.. you dread seeing those that ridicule you for ANYTHING...

Well now i
n the workplace, it is competition EVERYTHING.. someone is always trying "one up" you. So I researched to see how bad is this? Did you know that depression accounts for close to $12 billion in lost work days each year? Uhm, just a thought but wouldn't that money help the economy? $12 billion!! Makes me think that people are more mean and fake then we realized..what about those people that become friends with their co-workers and go out with them outside of work.. are those the people that are fake.. is it your team member that sits right across from you?? I am glad that I am not in the corporate world anymore however just being a WAHM is competition enough. There is always someone else with your same idea for work, someone better at the same thing you are trying everything to get better at.. but I learned that I make the decision of going to be depressed about it or I am going to do something about it.. so here is the ?, if you are "stuck" with the job that you have today, are you going to let yourself be depressed over it or are you going to do something about it and be nice/cheerful about it? Don't you think that the person that is remembered for being nice/helpful/cheerful will get the promotion before the "cut-throat" person does??

Your thoughts?


Cee said...

I definitely think depression at work happens. I don't know that I was "depressed" at my last job, but I was definitely very very very unhappy.

There were times were I would sit at my cubicle and quietly cry because I felt stuck, because there were just so many assholes in the office parading around like they were nice people, and because of a feeling of helplessness.

When I first started working there, I was the cheery one. The one that always smiled and was always happy, but after a few years that deteriorated. All the BS in the office slowly chipped away at it.

I think that workplace depression probably affects those most that aren't happy where they are and are trying to get ahead.

I've seen plenty of people who are perfectly happy doing what they're doing for the next 20 years of their life, but when you want to move ahead and you can't, it just plants the seeds for frustration.

I personally think all a$$holes should not be allowed to work in the corporate world - because then everyone there would be happy and you wouldn't see the greedy BS that happens in companies a'la Frannie Mae & AIG.

But then I think it's possible that people don't start out that way, but *become* that way after being on the job for awhile.

It's a vicious cycle!

Nim said...

Cee, I love your comment.. sorry you had to deal with that crap too.. it stinks! You are right it is a vicious cycle... please follow my blog.. would love to hear your opinion on my other blogs...

Cee said...

Will do.. .I just figured out how to do that :)

I think I'll also add on my last response that while there are some people who become jerks over time, I still believe some people are just inherently that way :)

Elanah said...

I once had a job that I hated so much that I was thrilled to need surgery. It allowed me to have a few days off without faking an illness.

And to your point, every single person at that work place, was a back stabbing jerk. I get sick thinking about it.

Cee said...

Elanah - Sometimes I'd tell my boss I was getting new furniture delivered or was having issues with cable/internet and therefore had to "work from home" waiting for the ppl to show up.

Worked every time.