Sunday, April 26, 2009

Boy Scouts

I never went camping as a child, I never joined Girl Scouts. So my view on this is totally my own, but I am interested in hearing yours....

He goes to the meetings every week, he was patrol leader his second month in the troop, he has made soo many new friends and he really likes the closeness with the bond he has formed (more than he will admit) He has being camping one a month for close to a year .. and even though when packing he sometimes is soo tired and doesn't want to go, but when he returns he is telling us stories about things that happen all weekend. I love that he comes home happy from the trips and that h
e has usually met one more person and made one more friend. He loves to help the new troopers that are brand new to all this, and I think that is awesome !!!

I am happy to say "he" is my son. I am truly blessed to have Chris in my life and to be called his mom ... love you son, mom....

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