Sunday, April 19, 2009

Have you let yourself go since having children?

Since you have had children are you running around in sweats most of the time .. you know the mom that doesn't do her hair but once every 3 days and wears comfortable clothing instead of trying to look good for your husband? Then wonder where has your marriage gone? Why aren't we having sex? Or your so tired all the time you just don't have sex anymore? I was reading an article and it was explaining that something like 80% of us moms have and are not noticing we have done it. I at one point was like that but realized that I wouldn't want my husband to be like that. How attractive would that be? Where would I our relationship go if we stopped having sex?

Have you let yourself go? Do you have the support you need to get back to the old hot you? Do you need some support from mom's that have been there? What are your thoughts?

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Cee said...

I'm not a mom, but I'll never forget the sage advice that was given to us girls back when we were in college by the mother of one of my sorority sisters:

"Wear jeans or pants that don't have a bit of stretch in them everyday. If you wear stretchy shorts or sweatpants all the time, you won't feel yourself gaining weight"

It's a little superficial, but she definitely had a point.

Since I haven't had to wake up and get all dressed for work for the last few weeks, I catch myself wearing my lounge clothes ALL THE TIME and I've tried breaking out of that for the last week or two.

I figure if I force myself to wake up, get dressed from A to Z, I also feel a lot more energized and wanting to do stuff instead of sitting around on the sofa and watching Judge Judy. :o)