Wednesday, April 29, 2009

certain people

Do you have someone that you have met maybe just a few times or maybe just once and you just don't like them.. I have one that I know, barely but I mean I DON'T like her.. just the first vibe I got from them was bad and let me tell you now that vibe is BAD... I can't stand her..

do you know someone like this??


Cee said...

Oh yea. I am very good at reading vibes from people. There was this one girl that I just didn't like. She just seemed off.

Despite that weird feeling, I did my absolute best to be nice and befriend her since she didn't really have any other friends at work.

I invited her out with other work friends for lunch, happy hours... I even invited that skank to a concert that I went to with some friends and a couple of work colleagues.

In the end, she ended up screwing me over.

Turned out my first impression was right :)

Nim said...

this girl is so odd that she probably reads my blogs so I can't just name her or I would.. how is your job looking going?