Sunday, March 22, 2009

day dental

today is recovering day.. I spend 6 hrs yesterday at the dentist.. however I have to tell you they were the best dentist office that I have ever dealt with. They are called 6 day dental...

I sooo recommend them everywhere!!! They are great!!! Nancy, Heather, Savannah, Katelynn, there was an Erin too .. and there was a guy that I don't know his name but I think last name was ngyugen.. but not sure... For 6 hours we did soo much changing in my mouth that I feel hot!!! My mouth is still sore tho.. that sucks but I love what I am going to look like. I prolli sound like one of those ppl who has just had some type of surgery to look better.. anywho... I think that everyone should call them and try them once and see if it is the dentist for you....

Will take pictures as soon as
my mouth is not swollen anymore.... hugs y'all

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