Thursday, July 9, 2009

July (so far)

Sorry I haven't posted but man have I been busy... we had the fourth, and we cooked, grilled, baked everything for that day.. it was a busy weekend for that matter... then we got a new grill that the hubby just had to try.. he brought it home and put it all together himself, so it like we had to grill everything that weekend.. you know how men get.. sometimes worse than women i swear..

then I have been working on invitations, I want to make some just to have to show what I can do.. ya know? Someone might see one of those and really like them... so I have been busy creating and making announcements and invites.. and I found some software to help make some cool ideas that I have been seeing for cards.. I get that tomorrow.. then I will be busy making all kinds of things.. lol...

oh and did you hear we are in this month parenting magazine, in the article about picking your battles with your kids.. let me know if you don't see it.. I can find you a link...

How was your fourth? what did you do? Anything crazy happen?

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