Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Fun

There have been so many things going on... we have school starting on Monday.. I think we are one of the last schools in the US to start so late.. ugh! But yet I am excited too.. My eldest will be playing football, so this is going to be new to us.. and my youngest is going to be in the band, which again is new to us too... so this year is going to be a year of new things.. going to take some getting use to the schedules.. and the carpool is going to be an hour of here and back home then leave again then back home again then leave again.... yes that is 3 trips for carpool but two runs for PM for now.. Then in a month there are going to be days that I have to be at school after hours or football games... omgoodness there is so much around that is going to change..

Has anyone known of anyone that uses those sports glasses for football, how does that go? or was contacts better??

The summer was great.. we didn't make the AL. trip this year but that is ok.. we did things together.. bowling, camping, laser tag, video games, chuck 'e cheese, shopping.. let me tell you the boys are in their in between stages... they are starting to recognize the clothes that they want to wear from just plan tshirt and jeans.. I want this label, etc.. ugh.. that is such a headache..

We went through the long hair fight this summer, but we won! YAY US!

Boy scouts is starting back up again too so we are going to be busy.. I promise to write more about my experiences through the eyes of the mom of boys... LOL

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