Friday, June 12, 2009

Update on me

I started a new medicine for my Fibro.. it is called Savella. I started it yesterday and I haven't noticed a difference yet. But then again no one told me when I would see a difference either. Hopefully (crossing my fingers) we will see a difference in the pain. The flare-ups are the worse. I am trying to not stress out but my sister is going to Bali (Indonesia) next week and I am really worried. I can't help it.. The flight scares me (since what happened to that Air France), the fact that there are guards with AK-47s that will check her bag, the fact that she can't say the word missionary or she could go to jail, and the fact that she can't make eye contact with certain people while there because there is a large trafficking going on over there.. so take your pick what is worrying me.. I know she will probably be fine but WHAT IF she isn't???? Yea I know I can't start the what if's that's not good for me.. if I stress too much I will end up in the hospital..ugh ugh.. I don't know how to just let it be.. any advice? Have any of you gone out of the country like this??

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