Sunday, September 20, 2009

right or responsibility?

If you take film to be developed and there are some questionable photos on the roll, do the people working there have the right or responsibility to call the appropriate authourities to report the images?? Take for instance this story, where the people to the roll of film to Walmart to be developed. There were some questionable photos with some kids naked. The police were called and the kids were removed from the home. Their computers were removed and more questionable photos were found on the there where the kids ran around the house naked too.. but again there are people that let their children run around the house naked. There are people that are ok with that. But does it cross a line when you take a picture of that child naked? Is it child pornography when you take a picture of your own child naked? What are you thoughts on this subject ? this story?


Fun Mama - Deanna said...

What a nightmare! I decided long ago though that any pictures that someone else may deem questionable will be printed at home and not at a developer. I'd rather not run the risk of any problems. I've actually had one of my photos held up because I used a backdrop but I didn't have a professional release. You just never know what someone is going to think.

Anonymous said...

well if thats the case..its been going on forever..I think you can photo what you like of your own family, not to distribute, sell or share without any with at home printing its possible as never before, so as not to have to let another view them...anyway hi Im a new follower..!!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...


Well. I guess it depends. We have a really cute pic of my niece (when she was less than a year old)
naked -- she's on these fluffy clouds and her little behind shows. It's framed in my living room.

It's Anne Geddes-ish. So, I'm torn on this one.