Saturday, May 16, 2009

my adventure with hostgator.

I am so mad, frustrated.. I bought an account with Hostgator, (that was the first sign of trouble) and I immediately started having trouble. Because I am not smart when it comes to programs to make a website. I didn't and still don't know what the hell I did wrong. I mean I signed up for the account, check, signed up for the email, check, then went through the steps of creating my website, check, hit the publish button, nothing.. NOTHING error message... so I put in a ticket, several, then they just write back this is fixed thank you and please rate me, I do all that then go back to the damn site and it is not fixed. The same issue is still there. I put in another damn ticket, after my third problem, I call it quits. Told them to cancel my order. Can't someone help a person who has no idea what's going on ???? UGH.. so that's my venture with HOSTGATOR .. and trying to attempt to make my webpage.. Have you had these problems before?


Donna/Nova said...

Hi Nim,

Web Site design sites can be very squirrelly! The ones I have found work best are: (better templates here) and
Officelive is free, all the time, very easy to use, you will be published INSTANTLY. (so watch what you put up there!) It comes with all sorts of perks. The site is BIG so you may have to click around to find everything, and there is a phone number where a real, live person is available to answer your questions and/or concerns. I'm very pleased with it! I was able to create a user-friendly e-commerce site for my home-based jewelry business. I have had no problems at all, and am very pleased with the telephone support when I did get stuck. (just once!)
The only area I felt was not helpful was when I called because I didn't know how to become a "click and buy" web site, they told me to go to where for some fee they would do this for me. Not needing all of this, I just signed up with paypal, and all for free, I learned how to get that "buy now" button on my site.
This is the next best thing since "web designing for dummies"
Go to
You can see what I have done with it so far here:
Forget everything they tell you! You can do this yourself!
Good Luck!

Nim said...

Thanks Donna, I just think that I am going to put my invitatation business on hold for now, I am just not making any money from anything. People just aren't buying my products. If I could just learn how to digitally scrapbook then it might be better, but for now I am just going to put on hold. I don't have the money to keep dumping in to the company and not getting anything back. I am going to focus on being a full time stay at home mom.. hope your business is going great for you... thanks for taking the time to share with me about the websites, I will keep them in mind if I think I am ready to design a website.. I had the worst experience...thanks again, Nim

Cee said...

I'm a huge fan of DreamHost. I've never had issues, and when I've had questions they respond VERY quickly.

If you've decided to put all that on hold, maybe do an Etsy account instead? I've purchased things from Etsy and it's becoming pretty big in the internet world.

Good luck!

Donna/Nova said...

Great idea Cee! I'm not a member, but I know many who are, and you're so right, Etsy has been mentioned in women's magazines, and I believe they made mention on "Good Morning America" or one of those shows...