Saturday, May 30, 2009

ranting, talking, blabbering

Sorry I haven't blogged a few weeks, just a lot on my mind... Since Nim's Invitations wasn't making money because of the economy I thought that I would lay off that for a while and focus on just being a mom. Great at that, not my hubby my any means that can take care of everything and make me look like I don't do a thing.. which YES I know that I am truly blessed to have him. So that leaves me a lil bit more time but then I don't want to do anything ya know, like I am lost. Right now Chase and Chris are dealing with allergies that make them just feel like crap, but they are playing games and still wanting to play basketball... that's kept them entertained, so I clean up and there is only so much laundry a person can do, right now I just have socks to be washed. I already did the dishes now just need detergent so that I can wash them. We are paying for so many things right now so that a few certain serious items get taken care of .. like my license.. that's a whole-nother blog in its own.. but thankfully that will be taken care of very soon, I go to get my state id one day this week. Then school gets out this week on Friday and then it is summer.. have to figure a few things out to do with the boys.. Chris has a physical on Monday for football and for boy scouts. He has a summer camp coming up in a few weeks.

I am the type of person to let things overwhelm me before they happen. Like I think too much of something and I get all worked up for it.. really for nothing. .. anyone else have this problem, because I would like to know how to deal with it better.. never had this problem before and I am not dealing with it very well.

So to anyone else out there that is running their own business, do you know the secret to get it off the ground better? Maybe I am just not meant to run my own business, then what am I meant to do? UGH... advice, or just something to say to help me out here? Thanks guys... can always count on y'all to be honest and tell me hey lady you are being stupid and a big whiny ass... yes I know my ass is big, i am working on losing some of that too....

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